Apr. 2nd, 2014

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April 5, 2014 is the default deadline! April 5 is the last day to default with zero penalties. Here's a quick reminder for exchange participants about extensions.

Unfortunately, extensions are not possible, for reasons given in this comment thread from the 2012 Exchange. If you find yourself in a pickle with your story, that comment thread also offers possible solutions.

Anyhow, it is time to call for pinch-hitters! If you're interested in pinch-hitting, here's the relevant information from the main FAQ:

"I'd like to participate in Otter and Ferret as a pinch-hitter. What should I do?
  1. Make sure you have an AO3 account or request one at the request post, so that you can post your finished pinch-hit to the collection.
  2. Sign-up for the pinch-hitter mailing list.

  3. Click here to sign-up with a Gmail address or Click here to sign-up with a non-Gmail address

  4. If you claim a pinch-hit assignment, be sure that you can deliver it in time. While pinch-hitters can default, since life happens, and there are no penalties for pinch-hitters defaulting, it's preferable that this not occur."

Pinch-hit assignments will be sent out via that mailing list, and claiming of pinch-hit assignments is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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