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The following information was written with a broad range of experiences in mind, from someone who is making Otter and Ferret their very first exchange or venture into fanworks, to an experienced exchange participant who just wants to know the details of Otter and Ferret's workings. As someone who was terribly confused by my first exchange sign-up, I decided to err on the side of too much information rather than too little.

Different Ways to Do the HTML Code For Your Entire Fic Extremely Quickly

Some Basic HTML

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Free Word Processing Programs

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British Words and Slang

Non-British writers are strongly encouraged to use a britpicker, but it is not required. One can ask for britpicking services at any of the LJ or DW beta communities.

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Grammar and Mechanics

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL): General Writing Resources


Writers are strongly encouraged to use a beta reader, but it is not required. One can also ask for britpicking services at any of the LJ or DW beta communities.

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Cultural Betas

When writing about a culture, ethnicity, language, religion or other identity that is not within your experiences, it can often help to have a cultural beta. A cultural beta is someone who's willing to lend their expertise or experiences in order to help make your work better.

[community profile] dark_agenda offers several cultural beta resource posts. Some are betas are fandom-specific, but other betas are broader: Beta Post 1, Beta Post 2, Beta Mailing List.


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Short Fiction Examples

The following are some of my personal favorite Dramione fics. A short story can be just as satisfying as a longer work, and Otter and Ferret writers should not feel pressured to produce an epic. Otter and Ferret has a 1,000 word minimum, and it is not a Big Bang. The key phrase is 'quality over quantity,' regardless if the story in question is 350,000 words edited down to 325,000 or 2,000 words edited to 1,000.

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