All the noise, noise, noise

Oct. 15th, 2017 12:35 pm
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I've mentioned before that the property behind my house is a cow field. The cows had calves, as they do, and the calves frolicked through the field, as they do.

A couple of days ago, the farmer separated the cows and the calves, as they do. (Gotta wean the calves, sell them later, that sort of thing.) This particular farmer uses a fence-line weaning process, which is ... pretty much what it sounds like. The cows and calves are being kept apart by just a fence. Which means all those cows can still see and hear the calves.

Which means there has been CONSTANT MOOING for the past two days.

Now, it's less stressful for the calves to get weaned this way - they don't use up a lot of strength or lose excess weight by walking around looking for their dams. But the noise. The calling and calling. Allllll that mooing. Egads.

Way hey, up she rises

Oct. 13th, 2017 08:00 pm
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So, who nearly died today?

*raises hand*

Yes, that would be me.

There I was, leaving my grandmother's house after wishing her a happy 82nd birthday. Busy minor highway outside the town where she lives. Light turns yellow. Dad has enough time to stop, though it's going to be a bit abrupt.

The semi BARRELING along behind us did NOT have enough time/distance to stop. And he sure as hell wasn't paying attention to this fact.

Thank all your little winged angels that the turn lane to the right was empty, because the semi driver had to haul into that lane. Missed our rear bumper by .... oh, I'd say about three foot. He wouldn't have come to a complete stop until his cab was on the far side of the intersection.

So yeah, I was about a yard away from getting the grille of a semi through my brain this afternoon.


Small update to neighbor shenanigans

Oct. 10th, 2017 05:00 pm
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The puppies have been surrendered to the humane society; the kitten has been Officially Surrendered, not just seized. (The kitten has gotten much much better, I am told. Doing well.) The authorities are working with my neighbor to get the adult dog spayed and vetted, and she has had a Very Severe Talking-To About Animal Care. Very Severe, as in law enforcement involvement apparently, so that will hopefully get things sunk in. All the sympathies and good thoughts were much appreciated, thank you.
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