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The final entry for Hawthorn & Vine's Reverse Challenge 2014 has been posted.

There were 43 pieces of art, and 45 stories submitted for this massive challenge! If you're looking for some Dramione, head on over and check out Hawthorn & Vine's Reverse Challenge 2014!
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What's a Reverse Challenge?
Whereas some fests have an author writing a story which is then given to an artist to create art based on that story, a 'Reverse Challenge' inverts it so that artists create images first, and authors then write works inspired by the images. The first phase is the initial creation period for the artists, at the end of which their work will be submitted. Once we have all submissions, we'll match the art to the authors that have signed up to participate. Because there are in general more writers than artists in our fandom, each piece will likely have more than one fic inspired by it. The art and the fic will be presented together once posting begins.


September 7th - 21st: Artist and Author sign-ups
September 21st - November 9th: Artist Creation period
11:59pm, November 9th: Art Due
November 9th - 23rd: Assignments sent to Authors
November 23rd - January 18th: Author Creation Period
11:59pm, January 18th: Stories Due
February 1st: Posting begins
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Since September 15th, the Treasured Tropes fest submissions have been posting at our affiliate, Hawthorn & Vine.

Definitely check out this fantastic fest, there's tons of great fics and works of art!
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Our affiliate, Hawthorn & Vine, is having a Draco/Hermione tropes fest! Check out some of the popular themes that they're soliciting prompts and works for over the coming weeks!

The Schedule:

June 4 - 14: Prompt submissions
June 15 - 30: Prompt Claiming and Sign-ups
11:59pm PST September 10: Works due
September 15: Posting begins
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The Otter and Ferret work reveals will be upon us in less than three weeks, so I just wanted to put out a quick announcement about our affiliation with Hawthorn & Vine! Otter and Ferret is now officially affiliated with Hawthorn & Vine, a Draco/Hermione exclusive archive.

If you are an H&V member and wish to submit your Otter and Ferret work to H&V after author reveals on May 5th, Otter and Ferret has a dedicated sub-category under Challenges, then Off-site Challenges and then at Otter and Ferret.

All works created for the Otter and Ferret exchange, Otter and Ferret Mini-Fest and Otter and Ferret Forever are eligible for submission to H&V's Otter and Ferret sub-category. However, please make sure not to submit your work to the Otter and Ferret sub-category until after author reveals!

For those of you who are not already familiar with Hawthorn & Vine, I can guarantee that you're going to have an extremely excellent time exploring their archive! :)
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