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Otter and Ferret Gift Exchange Works Due April 14

A reminder that Otter and Ferret Gift Exchange works are due on April 14th!

That's roughly four days away at the time of this posting! :)
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[personal profile] teenage_hustler 2014-04-13 05:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Hang on, I've confused myself now. I read "April 14th" and thought "Oh, I thought it was the 13th, well cool!" but according to the actual timeline it's the 13th.

So now I'm a bit stuck. I can definitely have everything to you by the 14th (I like to give my beta reader a day), but by the end of today might be a bit of a push.

Is that all right?
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Is there a time that fics are due by or is it anytime on the 14th?