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eilonwy1 ([personal profile] eilonwy1) wrote in [community profile] otterandferret 2012-04-23 01:40 am (UTC)

See my reply there! Or I can just say it again here, actually. lol

I absolutely love the idea of a fairy tale/myth/folklore-based Big Bang for Dramione! I've already written several fairy tale remixes. Fantastic premise. It allows us to tap into such a lot of primal, classic lit.

H&V has already done their Reverse Challenge a couple of summers ago, wherein writers were assigned a piece of art to then create a fic from. It was tremendous fun, and we got a lot of amazing fics out of it, not to mention wonderfully inspirational art.

That pic of Tom from "Labyrinth" would certainly inspire. in fact, I've already got some vague ideas along those lines. :-)

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