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Re: Prompts

There are two stages at which prompt reveals are okay!

For your submitted prompts: You can reveal these at any time! Your gift-creator has these as well and will have made a story out of at least one of the prompts. Revealing these won't break any kind of anonymity, since your gift-creator already knows who you are.

For the prompts that you were given: You cannot reveal these prompts anywhere linked to your name until after author reveals on May 5th. Your gift-receiver has no idea who you are, but they will definitely recognize their own prompts, and so linking your name to their prompts would reveal that you are the author of their gift.

Practically speaking, that means:

  1. You can't post the prompts that you were given on your journal or blog, or in the Shoutbox at Hawthorn & Vine, or on a message board.

  2. You can put the prompt that you used in the 'Notes' on the story that you write for the exchange. When you're posting your story to the AO3 collection, look closely at the 'Preface' section. There's a section for 'Notes' and two check boxes: one for 'at the beginning' and one for 'at the end'. If you check off one or both of those boxes, a text box will appear.

    If you'd like to include notes for every reader, such as the prompt that you used, that would be a good place to put them.

Let me know if you have any further questions! :)

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