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Authors Revealed

Author Revealed
Authors have been revealed at Otter and Ferret Gift Exchange 2014.

Otter and Ferret Forever 2014 Collection Opened
The collection has been opened for submission at have been revealed at Otter and Ferret Forever 2014. Otter and Ferret Forever 2014 will remain open for submissions until January 14, 2015!

As authors have been revealed, all authors are welcome (and encouraged) to cross-post their work!

Otter and Ferret is officially affiliated with Hawthorn & Vine (H&V), a Draco/Hermione exclusive archive. If you are an H&V member and wish to submit your Otter and Ferret work to H&V, Otter and Ferret has a dedicated sub-category under Challenges, then Off-site Challenges and then at Otter and Ferret.

All works created for any Otter and Ferret exchange, Otter and Ferret Mini-Fest or Otter and Ferret Forever collection are eligible for submission to H&V's Otter and Ferret sub-category.

Banners & Promotion
tumblr: [ profile] otterferret
LJ/DW/IJ/etc: Check out the promotion banners tag!

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