Mar. 10th, 2014

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Although works are not due for a month, here's the submission and default instructions for anyone in need of them! These should work, but I'm not able to test them myself. If you run into any problems, please leave a comment!

How to Submit:

Submission Instructions )

How to Default:

Default Instructions )

If you don't think you'll be able to make the April 13th deadline, please consider defaulting. If you need to default, but would still like to give your work to your recipient at some future date, there are two official options.

  1. If it's a shorter work and completed before Otter and Ferret 2014 works are revealed, post it during the Otter and Ferret Mini-Fest 2014, which is for works under 1,000 words. The Mini-Fest will be open for posting from April 14th - 27th.

  2. If it's a work that's 1,000+ words and/or completed after Otter and Ferret 2014 works are revealed, post it to Otter and Ferret Forever 2014. This collection will be open from April 14th - January 14th, 2015.

Of course, after prompts are revealed, writers not participating in the exchange are welcome to submit to the Otter and Ferret AO3 collections. Posting to those collections will notify the recipient and make it easier for readers to find you. :)

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