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A Quick Guide to Using Archive of Our Own (AO3)

The following information was written with a broad range of experiences in mind, from someone who is making Otter and Ferret their very first exchange or venture into fanworks, to an experienced exchange participant who just wants to know the details of Otter and Ferret's workings. As someone who was terribly confused by my first exchange sign-up, I decided to err on the side of too much information rather than too little.

What is Archive of Our Own?

"Archive of Our Own offers a noncommercial and nonprofit central hosting place for fanfiction and (long-term) other transformative fanworks: i.e. it is free to use and does not make any money. It is multifannish and built on open-source archiving software designed and built by and for fans." See their FAQ for further information.

How do I sign-up for Archive of Our Own (AO3)?

1) Go to the Archive of Our Own website and click the 'Sign Up Now' link. Request an invitation. It is recommended that you also submit your email to see the estimated waiting time. Estimated wait time is around four to seven weeks.


2) Leave a comment in the code request post with your email address or PM [personal profile] boundbooks your email address, and I will send you an invite to AO3.

How do I post my work to the site/to a collection?

The best answers are over at the Archive of Our Own FAQ. Under Tutorials check out the tutorial for posting to a challenge.

What happens after I post it? Can I still edit it?

Yes! You can edit your work any time after posting it. If you wish to delete your work, we ask that you not do so and instead use Archive of Our Own's Orphaning option, which will render your work anonymous.

I won't be able to finish my gift before the deadline. How do I default on my assigntment?

From Yuletide: "You go in through "My Assignments" on your AO3 account (Click 'My Home' or 'Profile,' and it can be found under the 'My Dashboard' link list) and at the bottom of that page you'll see two buttons:
  • Default
  • Post to Fulfill
If you use the button on your assignment page to default, it will notify us directly. You're not required to contact us directly or give any reason for defaulting at this point."

Odds and Ends

Do not select the option to 'lock' your work to AO3 members. That is the equivalent of access-locking or friends-locking your story, and it is not allowed for works in Otter and Ferret collections.