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Otter and Ferret Mini-Fest & Otter and Ferret Forever

The following information was written with a broad range of experiences in mind, from someone who is making Otter and Ferret their very first exchange or venture into fanworks, to an experienced exchange participant who just wants to know the details of Otter and Ferret's workings. As someone who was terribly confused by my first exchange sign-up, I decided to err on the side of too much information rather than too little.

Otter and Ferret Mini-Fest
A prompt pick-up mini-fest, whereby all prompts from sign-ups and those left by pinch-hitters are offered up as free-game for the week or so prior to Otter and Ferret works reveals. The intention is to have a fun, low-key mini-fest of small works.

No sign-ups are required. One simply needs an AO3 account so that one can post work to the collection. Works should be posted as a gift to the prompter. There is no limit to how many times a prompt may be filled.

All Otter and Ferret Mini-Fest works must be under 1,000 words or for art be a doodle/scribble/rough draft/small work. If a work exceeds 1,000 words or the art doodle/scribble/rough draft/small work criteria, it should be posted as a gift to the prompter as part of the Otter and Ferret Forever annual collection.

Otter and Ferret Forever
Otter and Ferret Forever is a nine month-long prompt fest. The Otter and Ferret Forever collection opens on the same day as Otter and Ferret Mini-Fest for any works that exceed the 999 words limit, and remains open until the start of the sign-ups for the next round.

Otter and Ferret Forever works are revealed after Otter and Ferret exchange and mini-fest authors are revealed.

Otter and Ferret Forever has no word-minimum or word-limit. Works should be posted as a gift to the prompter, and prompts can be filled multiple times. The fest is not anonymous, and works are revealed at the time of posting.
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Hi! I'm sorry to be a pain, but I'm trying to browse prompts for Otter and Ferret Forever, and I can't find them anywhere :(. Were they accidentally/purposefully set to be visible only for people who took part in the Otter and Ferret 2014 challenge?