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Penalties and Permanent Bans

The following information was written with a broad range of experiences in mind, from someone who is making Otter and Ferret their very first exchange or venture into fanworks, to an experienced exchange participant who just wants to know the details of Otter and Ferret's workings. As someone who was terribly confused by my first exchange sign-up, I decided to err on the side of too much information rather than too little.

The following information only applies to the Otter and Ferret exchange. Both Otter and Ferret Mini-Fest and Otter and Ferret Forever are open to everyone, regardless of their penalty or ban status with the exchange.

What are the penalties for defaulting?

There are no penalties for defaulting, as long as you default with notice before the default deadline. Defaulting with notice is done by using the AO3 default button. The mod understands that things come up, and we will find pinch-hitters to replace the gifts of those who need to default. As soon as you realize that you cannot make (or are unlikely to make) the submission deadline, please use the AO3 default button. The earlier, the better in regard to defaulting, because early defaulting gives the mod and pinch-hitters enough time to provide a story for the recipient.

Please note that should you default and the person writing your gift default, you will not receive a gift. Pinch-hitters are a limited resource, and will be asked to write for people submitting stories to the exchange.

Should you default with notice after the default deadline and before the submission deadline, you receives one penalty strike. Penalty strikes roll over from year to year, and the accumulation of two penalty strikes results in a permanent ban from the exchange.

Defaulting without notice, whereby one does not use the AO3 default button, and mods are left to discover your missing story after the submission deadline, results in a permanent ban from the exchange.

Are there any other penalties?

Recipients who do not comment on their gift and thank their gift-giver within one week after works are revealed receive one penalty strike. Exceptions are made if recipient has posted to the 'I will be absent' post and noted that they will be unavailable to comment until a certain date or range of dates.

Why do I need to thank my gift giver?

You need to thank your gift giver because this is a gift exchange, and they have just done something very nice and created something for you. If you are having difficulty composing a thank you, consider compliment their technical skills, or their creative interpretation, or their enthusiasm in tackling your prompt. Otter and Ferret only promises you a fanwork which is tailored to your prompts, and please keep the spirit of this exchange in mind.

Can I get rid of a penalty?

You can get rid of one penalty through signing-up as a pinch-hitter in a following year and writing one pinch-hit. Feel free to write more than one pinch-hit, but only one submitted pinch-hit is required in order to remove a penalty. If your penalty was acquired through failing to comment on your gift, you must comment on your gift and submit one pinch-hit in order to remove your penalty.

Can I be permanently banned from participating in the exchange?

Yes, you can be permanently banned. The accumulation of two penalty strikes results in a permanent ban. For example, if you defaulted with notice after the default deadline (but before the submission deadline) and also failed to comment on your gift within one week after works are revealed, you would be permanently banned.

Defaulting without notice also results in a permanent ban.

Can I get rid of a permanent ban?

You can get rid of a permanent ban through volunteering as a pinch-hitter and submitting two high-quality pinch-hits. Quality judgments would occur at the mod's discretion. You could either do two pinch-hits in one year or one pinch-hit per year. The removal of a permanent ban would apply to the following exchange after the two pinch-hits, so being banned in 2012 and doing two qualifying pinch-hits in 2013 would allow you to sign-up in 2014.

Why are you calling it a permanent ban, then?

Well, because it stays permanently by default. Still, life happens, and so there's a way to get out of it. If someone is willing to wait a year, do the two or so pinch-hits, and then wait another year to sign-up, I think they deserve their chance to participate again.