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Aug. 15th, 2017 11:35 pm
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I keep finding books to add to my master list of things-to-read, and discovering that said books are the second, sometimes third, book that an author has written - and I have their first one from a few years ago on my list.

Things stay on my list for a LONG TIME, yes. XD

In cat news, Cinders had a bad night last night. She likes to burrow under the throw on top of my blankets and pretend that she's a ... I dunno, a sandworm or something. So she did that, and she was playing "got your hand" with me, when Jesse snuck up and whapped her on the head.

Then after she recovered from that, Sam kicked her as he was stretching. And then Gidget jumped off the top of my bookcase and landed on her, full-weight. Poor girl scrambled out of the blankets, all wide-eyed and trembling. It took ages to calm her down!
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Up until this past weekend, I could watch Netflix and be using the internet on my laptop both at the same time.

All of a sudden, I can't. If I even open my laptop and access the wireless network? Wham, Netflix buffers and cuts off. Using my tablet, not a problem. Phones on the net, not a problem. Just my laptop.

Which is verra frustrating, because there are various things I just can't DO on the tablet. I thought it was a weird fluke at first, but now it's been a few days. No longer coincidence. >:|

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